Month: January 2015

Morning walk around clissold park


This morning I went toย the Princes May car boot sale, it’s a car boot sale held inside the Princes May Primary school’s compound. I took a bus there and starts walking around that area.


I am using my Pentax 15mm f4.0 SMC DA ED AL limited lens. This lens is famous for the sun-flare it can create with smaller aperture. So I took some photos aiming at the sun, but my dirty lens filter also created a lot of unwanted disturbance.


After shopping at the car boot sale, I took a walk to Clissold Park, it’s about 10 minute walk from the primary school. There are many people there walking their dogs, the environment is very nice.


When I just got in the park, I saw a tall spire , and headed that direction. After going through the park I reached the target, it’s actually a nice church, the Newington Church. It’s very beautiful.



After the church, I just wonder around for some time and then I decided the head home. It’s a nice Sunday morning, I am glad I did it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Opening soon.


After passing this building for the pass few days, I finally brought my camera and tripod there to shoot it, had this image in my mind when I saw the building for the first time last week. This is shot using a 24 mm tilt shift lens from Canon. After some cropping in Lightroom, I found that I got the shape that I am looking for but there is something missing, maybe the sense of ‘life’ in it, so I guess ill be shooting it again in the near future after the place is done and are occupied by office worker. ๐Ÿ™‚

Going home.

london pana-2


Google maps says that I will be walking 45 Minutes before can reach home, but it took me almost 1 and a half hour. It’s a long way but I actually enjoyed it. Took this panorama shot when I was crossing the Waterloo Bridge, I didn’t had a tripod with me then, luckily the handheld shoots lines up well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Zero Degree London


Mt first day in London, and these are jut some random photo from my random walks around the place I am staying. ๐Ÿ™‚


I am happy I got this shot, as I am wondering around Fitzroy square garden. I was actually leaving the garden when I saw the old lady walking into the light, then i stopped and waited for her to walked into my viewfinder.





The diversity of architectural style in the area is just massive. But I was walking around with my 15mm lens with my Pentax, the urge of changing into a telephoto lens are great when I see some nice architectural detail I want to capture but can’t.



It’s a great first day for me in London, the weather is just fantastic. Hope to shoot and explore more. ๐Ÿ™‚