Month: April 2015

Etretat, Normandy, France

etretat 1

After Paris, Me and my friend drove to Etretat. I saw some nice photos of the landscape in Etretat and that is why I chose to go there, but landscape it’s not the only thing that is beautiful there, the small town is full of old buildings, I felt as if I am in some kind of medieval computer game. We went out for a walk after our dinner, and we saw this beautiful old building- the old market hall in Place Foch. The market hall was gated and we can’t get into it, the only thing I manage to do is to take a photo through a hole in the gate. The photo above is the interior of the old market hall, it’s a panoramic done with my Samyang 24mm tilt shift lens. When I am taking this photo, a mysterious cat walked in the market hall and stood in the middle of the walkway staring at us for some time, that’s why even with a 30 seconds exposure time the cat is still visible. When I found out that the cat stud there staring at us for so long, it feels kinda creepy. 😛


One of the beautiful cliffs at Etretat, The falaise d’amont. When I travel I like to go to beautiful natural places compared to big cities. I love begin there, enjoying what mother nature had created. Setting my camera in the extreme wind, with the fear of being washed away by a sudden wave is such fun! Love and enjoy the experience really much. I am thinking of printing this photo out, and mount it on a black board, hope it will look nice. 😀

Starting my Easter break in France


Got onto a bus that’s headed towards Paris, France after my last class before my Easter break starts. Visited most of the main tourist attraction there, but we kept the famous Eiffel Tower for the sunset. Took the photo above during the blue hour, where the Sun just gone down the horizon and the sky is still blue. I used a telephoto lens for this (bought a used Tamron 70-300 for my Canon 6D before the trip.) I wanted to capture the detail of the tower but it’s hard to get a sharp image since I am using long shutter speed. I used a tripod, but it was very windy that night, with a telephoto lens any slight movement can cause blurriness to the photo. 😦