Month: March 2015

Letting mother nature do the drawing.



Wondering around London and found this interesting spot to take photo. Actually I saw photos of this place online before, when I look up and realised that I have stumbled upon a very nice photographic point. I then set up my tripod in the middle of the walkway ignoring every one around me and starts to take photos upwards. I can’t get what I wanted for the first few shot, the sky are too gloomy and covered by thick clouds. I decided to stay there and wait for awhile, after around 10 minutes, the clouds started to clear and they are moving quite fast across the deep blue sky. Finally my patient pays off, since I am already set up for the shot, I just press on the shutter and let mother nature paint a background for my shot. 🙂


Architecture + time

My recent project is to capture architecture and time together. These are the result after my solo photo-walk a couple of weeks ago.


No.1 London Bridge Road.


The “Walkie Talkie” at 20 Fenchurch Street. designed by Rafael Viñoly. I took this photo across the River Thames.




My visit to Brighton.


Visited Brighton few weeks ago, I went there alone with my camera and a tripod. After looking at the weather forecast, I know I will get one day of rain and the other as a bright sunny day. This photo is taken during the sun set at my second day there, just minutes before I packed my tripod and ran to the bus station for my 6:30 bus heading back to London. I wished I had booked a later bus, as the sky are so beautiful that time. 😦 I might try to print this out for my crit-session next week with my lecturer and course mates. Let’s hope the print will look good. 😀

My first enlargement.


After I shot my first roll of 120 film, I did my first enlargement. It was taught by a course-mate of mine. 😀 I was surprise of how enlargement is done, it is basically taking a photo again, you have to chose a lens, and your ‘film’ the photographic paper. Then you need to set your aperture of the lens, size the projected image to the size of your paper and then focus the image projected. And then after you put your photographic paper into place (with the focusing light off) you then uses a timer machine that control the amount of time the enlarger will project the image on the paper. At first we will need to use test strips to find out the exposure needed for the end result you want, normally we will start with a 5 seconds projection of light, and expose our test strip in 3 different places for the period of 5 seconds,10 seconds, and 15 seconds. If you are lucky, you will get the perfect exposure that you wanted from one of the exposure, but most of the time we will need to do many more test strip until we get our desirable result. After figuring out the period of time need for my shot with numerous amount of test strip, then only we can use a full size photographic paper, and to tell you the truth, I am nervous at that time. But when I see the finished photo, I am very happy with it.

I got more than what I was expecting, maybe this is where the essence of film photography is. The texture, the annoying dust that are now permanently printed on my photos, the naturally occurred frame around the photo, and finally is to be able to see a finished product that you spent hours in the dark room to create is just awesome. But this is definitely not a easy thing to do. 😀

Ilford FP4+ 120 – 1/10



My first roll of 120film, shot with a Mamiya RB67 in a studio. Thanks Mauri Sherrington for being my model. This is the first exposure, and thanks to my inexperience of a medium format film camera, it’s shot too early into the film roll. But the mistake dint stop there, I scanned it with a wrong setting, thus my black and white film is now colorized. But this is my favorite photos out 10 of them. 😀