Month: September 2014

Right in the Center


Morning walk, around a park near my house.


Little Wasp


Spent the afternoon testing my homemade DIY macro extension tube. Its not working perfectly, there will be a weird lens flare-alike effect to all my photos. I am guessing that the inner side of my self-made macro extension tube are too reflective, but i cant find anyway to confirm that since I cant reach the inside of the tube while it’s between my lens and my camera. Will try to improve my soda-can macro extension tube. 🙂 But for today, I kinda got lucky with the defect of my tube. Anyone got any idea on what else maybe contributing to the weird flare, please do let me know. 🙂

Fraser Hill and me.


A selfie, at a misty mountain. Visit Fraser hill to take some photos of bird there, nice place to spend a weekend, its cold and quiet there. 🙂


It’s very scary here at night. 😦


From our hotel, we can see the famous Genting Highand, we are very surprised to be able to do that. Had a chilling and relaxing weekend there at Freser Hill.


高美湿地 GaoMei Wetland.


Famous place for viewing sunsets and the wind turbines, but as you can see, the weather is very bad when we reach there, but luckily the rain stopped for us.


This is the second time for my friend to visit this place, and he say that the pedestrian walkway reaching out to the sea is new,  It’s a super long and windy, and now people are not allowed to step on the wetland.


We didn’t get to see a beautiful sunset, but the I also enjoyed the gloomy rainy mood the weather had created for us. We decide to call it a day since it’s getting dark. While we are heading back to our bike, the rain start pouring again, it’s like someone is controlling the rain for us to visit the nice place. 🙂


彩虹眷村 CaiHongJuan Village TaiChung.


We visited this famous tourist attraction in TaiChung, CaiHongJuan Village. Which is made famous by a old gentleman, as he painted most part of the villages with colorful murals.



Many young tourists will make sure they visit this place when they are in TaiChung.


The old gentleman who did all the drawing alone is now over his 90s. When we visited CaiHong Village, he was there, selling some survivor and taking photo with many many tourist.


It was a bright sunny day when we visited the village, this is how my friend dealt with the weather and temperature. The colorful part of the village is actually quite small, you wont need to spend much time there, so we headed to out next destination very soon. Oh ya, we also rented a bike in TaiChung. 😀


垦丁白沙 Sunset at KenTing BaiSha Beach


Another highlight of our trip to Taiwan, is this spectacular sunset at the beach. We ride our rented bikes there just in time for the sunset, looking at the map and estimating a nice spot to enjoy the sunset, and we are correct. 🙂


No model, and my friend was busy taking photo himself, so i just use some random tourist as subject. 😦


My friend’s persistence. 🙂


A kid was playing with the wave, running away and chasing them. Took this photo before his father come.


Since I didn’t bring my tripod for this trip, this photo was shot resting my camera on the rough rugged surface of the rock. I quickly took a few shot before the wave try to engulf my camera, luckily i was fast enough to avoid a big splash, even my friend was shocked how close my camera to be eaten by the wave. 😀 But still, as the rocks was super uneven, this shot is a little bit blurred. 😦 sad. Nevertheless the experience was awesome.

Early morning at LungPan Park (龙磐公园) KenTing 垦丁



Early in the morning, when it’s still dark outside, we ride our rented motorbike out to find a nice place to enjoy a sunrise. It was a very enjoyable ride. After riding for some time, we can see the sky starting to turn blue, the sun is almost out. So we decide to visit the LungPan Park as we saw some motorbikes already parked there.


The park its actually a beautiful cliff looking out towards the see. It was really beautiful place, the weather is also awesome that day although its during a storm season.


As we are all busy taking picture of the sunrise, a wild herd of goat appear, and starting having their breakfast. Now everyone started to take photo of them. 😛


Free wildlife photography chance, with the beautiful sunrise as background. Its really a once in a life time experience. 😀


Someone bought their dog to the park and the dogs are having fun teasing the goat, putting up a show for everyone here. After the beautiful sunrise, dark cloud started to build up and it was drizzling very soon. We felt so lucky to have the chance to enjoy the sunrise in a beautiful landscape. Highly recommended to rent a bike to anyone visiting KenTing. Just ride and explore KenTing, and don’t forget to catch both sunrise and sunset there. 🙂




TamSui Old street and Waterfront


We went there for the sunset, but that day it was too cloudy to see a low sun setting. The water front area is actually quite big, and many locals and tourist will visit that area during the sun set.


This bog was just wondering around us, but when he realized I am trying to take picture of him, he started to do this. 😦


After walking around the water front area we went to the Tam Sui Old Street, it’s very similar to other shopping/night market street in Taiwan. We bought an expensive fried octopus that cost us 100 New Taiwan dollar. We find it too expensive for that small of a portion, but it tasted really good. 🙂  We didn’t go to one of the famous tourist attraction there- the TamSui Fishierman Wharf, as we are planning to go to ShiLin Night market next.