Month: April 2014

PengLai Pavilion, a foggy experience.

PengLai Pavilion,  a foggy experience.

The weather was bad the day we went to PengLai Pavilion. Heavy fog covered everything. I wanted to take a photo that shows that fogginess, this is what I got. 🙂


Mt. TaiShan


Since we are already in TaiAn, A visit to Mt. TaiShan 泰山 is definitely a must.The leader of the ‘Five Sacred Mountains’, Mt. Tai is located in the center of Shandong Province, lying across the cities of Tai An, Ji Nan and Zi Bo. Since both my parent had been on top of Mt.TaiShan, me and my siblings went in the early morning while they can rest more in the hotel. But once we reach the bottom of the mountain, we felt very disappointed and sad as we saw the heavy fog covering everything.


who I am and why I’m here


This is me, a young Malaysian guy who is in love with photography. I just started blogging recently, have many more things to learn about blogging. I started blogging since I have made my decision of trying to become a photographer, hence I want to share with the world my journey and learn from other people out there.  I’m in love it the craft, I want to meet more friends that are sharing my passion for it.


Tai’erzhuang Ancient Town in China’s Shandong

taierzhuang-7TaiErZhuang Ancient Town. Tai’erzhuang Ancient Town, located in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, is surrounded by water and has some classical bridges, an old water transport system, wetland parks, temples, museums, and the architecture of a bygone era. It is also the site of the Battle of Tai’erzhuang, an important victory during the Anti-Japanese War.


QingDao, China, Lao Shan BeiJiuShui


Second day of my trip, we went to LaoShan BeiJiuShui (Mt. LaoShan) 崂山北九水. As LaoShan is so big, there is many more other scenic area. BeiJiuShui is just one of them. BeiJiuShui Scenic Spot is located at the north of Mount Laoshan’s main peak, and around the upstream and middle reaches zones of the Baisha River. Since it’s dry seasons, many tourist climbed on the rocks for a picnic, even when there are signboards around warning them not to do so.


QingDao, China, Walk around.


So I went to China to visit my brother with my family last week. We arrived there in the early morning, so we had to find our breakfast. While my family members are deciding what to eat I took this photo, I composed and was anticipating the cyclist to get into the space between the trees, but I guess I press the shutter just a little too fast…


It’s not that easy.



After some discussion and planning with my friends, now we are teaming up to create a food blog.

So today we went to Char Grill Bar, Bukit Indah. My friend were gathering information from the managers and cook, while I’m struggling to take some decent shots for them. By the time all the dishes that needed to shoot came, I was still struggling with getting the first dish done. My first time doing something like this, I’m getting really nervous, I keep telling myself I can do this, I can find the angle,the light the placement. It is very hard to get a nice shot, but in the end i think i got what we went there for (hopefully 🙂 )

I’ve looked through thousand and thousand of awesome food photos online and not seeing the hard work the photographer put on it. Now i know, it’s not that easy.

Today i felt like I’m a total phony, but that feeling only pushed me more to get that shot i want.