Month: November 2014



On my last day in Japan, we stayed in the Genkai Royal Hotel in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture. I saw a small church beside our hotel’s main building, so I got up early and brought my camera for a walk. It is extremely windy, the sky was packed with clouds. This photo was taken at early morning just before the sun rises, but the clouds are blocking the light, so it is still very dark. So i set my camera for a long exposure shot, and after the shutter open I lit the building up with a couple of bursts from my flashlight/flash gun.


This photo was taken a bit later when the sky are slightly brighter, so I didn’t use my flash to ‘paint’ the church. 😀





This ‘sharp’ looking church is part of the hotel we stayed in. The Kirishima royal hotel in Kyushu,Japan. They do provide wedding services here, together with the hotel and banquette area. I saw some wedding photos examples inside their lifts promoting it.


I took a photo of the interiors from outside of the building, since it was locked. I guess the church’s glass window combined with my circular polarizing filter created some unique rainbow effect. I think its something called ‘birefringement’. 😀


I definitely enjoyed the early morning photo session alone. 🙂


Aso Farm Village.


Aso Farm Village is consisting of 450 dome-shaped guest rooms on the site of rich nature of green. It is the accommodations in the Nature which overlook an outer rim of volcanic crater of Aso, and can enjoy seasonal beauty. It is like mysterious village atmosphere which there are brook and pond, the brick bridge and the promenade of the native rock. The round room without the corner lets a heart soften and heals a tired body.

We stayed there for one night after visiting Mt. Aso. It is a unique experience staying there but due to it’s huge land area, you will need to carry all your luggage and walk for quite a long journey if you get the room far away from the entrance.

I woke up early in the morning, it is a very cold and foggy morning. I walked around for quite some time before I found this small lake/pond, so I climbed over the short fence illegally so get down there. I then quickly set up my tripod and start to take photos. Lucky enough, no one saw what I did. 😀

Kumamoto Castle


For a place packed with tourist, I will always use a neutral density filter. I can get a 30 seconds shutter time, but with that long of a shutter time, people wont avoid your camera, since they don’t know that you are taking photos. I got a few shot of the castle without any people in the frame, but I like this one more, it sort of added some dimensions into my photo. 😀


This is also the same situation, but unlike them standing there just to hang around, they are standing there to take their own photos. That old couple near to the center of the photo is actually taking a selfie. 😀 Kumamoto castle is a beautiful place to visit, but do remember it is a very touristy place to visit.