Month: February 2015

Amanda Wakeley’s Show at London Fashion Week


Have the chance to shoot the runway show by designer Amanda Wakeley. This show is part of the London Fashion Week 2015.  Thanks to my university and Canon, I am able to shoot the show. 😀




LFW1-4 LFW1-13 LFW1-15 LFW1-16 LFW1-14  LFW1-11

Really liked her designs, like how the clean white just shows off the detail and texture of the fabric, and also enhanced the ‘wave’ created.


Really liked this show, I am very happy to have gotten this chance to shot it. 😀 It’s not easy at all being a fashion runway photographer, it’s actually very tiring, but overall it’s still a wonderful experience.


Conflict, Time, Photography. Tate Modern.


Few days ago I visited Tate Modern for the first time, it’s actually a class trip with a lecturer. We went for the Conflict, Time, Photography exhibition. Our lecturer provided us with some quotes she printed and also some issue that she want us to think during the exhibition. One of the issue is to choose a photograph that really stands out for us, that has a real ‘punctum’ in it.

The show is about photograph that are war related, and the arrangement/theme of the exhibition is base on the period of time between the actual incident and the time when the photos are taken. This I think is very unique and really liked it.

At first, I have chosen a photograph by Don McCullin, the famous Shell Shocked Soldier. That photo was taken at the battlefield, and the emotion I see from the soldier is very strong. His body posture, his shivery hands holding his gun, and his eyes are just so ’empty’. But towards the end of the exhibition, I was caught by the last huge photograph. Its a photography of a Canadian war monument by Agata Madejska. The tittle of the photo is 25-36, and the photograph is taken 99 years after the war happened. In the photo the monument is isolated from everything around it, and the weather just engulf the monument giving it a blur so nice that it looks like the monument is fading away in front of me. The monument is almost there and not there at the same time. It really intrigued me, so I sat in front of the photo and just enjoy it for some time. Now that I think of the photo, it really portrayed the sense of time towards a war or some significant event, the mist trying to engulf the monument is just like that time is trying to erase our memory. Without the monument, maybe the event had already been forgotten long ago.



This is my photo of Tate Modern, inspired by Agata Madejska’s photo. 😀


Another day at 12-Bar


So we went to 12-Bar again since they are having a meeting and Frank Turner will be performing.  There are more people around today, even people playing electric guitar infront of the 12-bar.


A glimpse of the entrance and their barricade.


Saw some people interviewing Dan. Got some photos of them doing that.

soho-9 soho-12

It’s very dark inside, I wonder how the Ipad video copping with it.


People can’t seems to get into the meeting room.


At the back of the bar, there is a meeting, and there are lots of people there, exchanging opinion and thoughts.


After the meeting, Frank Turner showed up and performed standing on a pool table. Because it’s a small venue, even without a mic we can hear him clearly. And he is actually quite awesome. 😀


People are enjoying, some of them found a great ‘high ground’ to enjoy the performance.


Halfway through Frank’s show the place got way too crowded, so I decided to get out of the space to get some fresh air. Then I found something cool is going on in the other room, they are standing up and giving speeches, poetry, and some rapping I think. They are good speakers, in stayed in the room and listen to them for quite some time.



It was getting late so we decided to go home, as we are outside the 12-Bar, the guitarist is still playing. As we are taking photos of him from across the street, he asked us to not to be shy and go nearer.


Hes name is Shane i think, hope I am not wrong. Great guy, and I like the way that hes enjoying himself playing and creating some melody with the guitar. 😀

My first roll of film. HP5

mingyang-r1-027 (1)

With the great facilities that I can use in my school, I decided to venture into film photography. I borrowed a Pentax K-1000 with a 50mm and a 28mm lens from our Kit Room at school. Then I bought a roll of film, Ilford HP5 400 from our campus shop.


At first using a fully manual camera isn’t that hard but one thing is manual focusing. As I wear spectacles, it’s so hard to see clearly in the viewfinder, and if I try to find the focus for a longer period then my specs will start to fog up. Very irritating, but other then that shooting film on a manual camera is fun.


Shooting film makes me think so much more before I press the shutter. Unlike digital I can shoot first then see what setting to change from the camera playback, while when you are using a manual film camera you need to know what you want and what to chose before every shot. It’s challenging but surely a good exercise for my photographic knowledge.


It’s hard to capture that ‘moment’ that you are not expecting with a film camera, maybe I just need more practicing. For example the photo above, I saw the couple walked pass me and into a path, I thought it would be great to take a photo of them holding hand from their back in this surrounding. But after struggling to focus on them and the insecurity of pressing the shutter even-though I think it was a great composition, made me missed that moment and only manage to get them small in the photo.


I think is much more easier to get that ‘moment’ while I am ready, I framed, set the exposure and focused then I just wait for my subject to get into the place I know hes going. I remembered from a documentary I saw of Henri Cartier-Bresson, he said that sometime he will wait for hours before someone to get into hes photos, even waited days for some.


zone focusing are also useful when you are dealing with manual lenses.


I also developed a film for the first time, as I was using a black and white film I can’t use the machine to develop it. I need to do it manually, which is very challenging, luckily my course mate, Tiddy helped me a lot. It took so long to develop a roll of film, I underestimated the time need and it made me missed a class. 😦


Overall a great experience trying out shooting film for the first time for me. So I checked out 35mm film photography on my list, whats next? Medium Format of course. 😛 Okay, I’ll go and check for the price for a roll of medium format film now. 😀



Venturing London around the National Portrait Gallery with Wendy, after checking out the gallery for one of our mini assignment we went out for a photo-walk around that area.


The day was gloomy and it is very cold, everything outside seems to be dull today. So we went to have a Thai lunch to spice things up. 😀


After lunch, we started walking around Soho area. As we are walking, Wendy realized this weirdly looking shop and went to see whats up. As we are getting nearer to the shop we are approached by one of the guys there- Dan. He came up to us to say hi and then starting to tell us whats happening there.


Dan had something to do and Mordecai (in photos above) came up and continued the story. Basically they are standing up against big developers, that are profit-centric and are trying to destroy a place with great culture and history. Do check this check out this article about them and the situation.

After telling us whats going on, Mordecai invited us into the building to have a look, and they allowed us to take some photos while we are inside.


london-14 london-15 london-16 london-17 london-18 london-20


It is very dark inside, they don’t have proper electricity and water supply. As they say we can help by bringing some food or water for them next time. They seems to be a bunch of friendly people, so if anyone interested do check them out on twitter ( #SaveSoho, #Bohemians4Soho, #SaveDenmarkStreet, #SaveTinPanAlley ) or you can watch some of thier videos here.

It was a great experience for us, maybe we will go there again. 😀