macro photography

Little Froggy



Sleepy Mr.Froggy taking an afternoon nap. 🙂 Then he realized i am there. haha



Little Wasp


Spent the afternoon testing my homemade DIY macro extension tube. Its not working perfectly, there will be a weird lens flare-alike effect to all my photos. I am guessing that the inner side of my self-made macro extension tube are too reflective, but i cant find anyway to confirm that since I cant reach the inside of the tube while it’s between my lens and my camera. Will try to improve my soda-can macro extension tube. 🙂 But for today, I kinda got lucky with the defect of my tube. Anyone got any idea on what else maybe contributing to the weird flare, please do let me know. 🙂

Still lovin it!



Originally I was going to take some photos of birds at my backyard, but before I found any bird to shoot, I found this cool spider. (Anyone know what type of spider is this or whats it’s name?) Then I quickly went into my house to change my lens, and grab my macro flash. Luckily I am fast enough before the spider went somewhere else.  I picked up the little purple flower where the spider is on, and took photos of the spider single handedly since I’m holding my subject on the other. I think the flash is very important for handheld macro shot, it freezes the subject and thus I can get a sharp photo. 🙂 It’s been awhile since the last time I shot macros, but after getting this photo, I can say Im still loving it. 😀