Mont Saint Michel.


On our way to Mont Saint Michel, we saw these beautiful horses at the road side, we quickly stopped our car and get down to take photographs of them. They saw us coming and started to get closer, they pose for us for a few minute then ran away.

CMY_Mont Saint-Michel


We reach Mont Saint Michel at the evening, the sun is very low then. I can’t wait to see the awesome structure, so right after i drop m bags in the hotel I ran out to scout around our hotel to see whether Mont Saint Michel can be seen there. I found a nice place that have a decent view at the structure, but it’s still very far away.

Mont Saint-Michel

We drove to Mont Saint Michel, but I remembered that I saw some website that we can’t do that. But luckily we didn’t face any trouble driving strait to the main entrance. The small island was always highly fortified since the ancient time, but since the 8th century AD it has been the seat of the monastery from which it drawn it’s name. It definitely reminds me of the Disney Logo. 😛 After sometime shooting in the strong cold wind, we decide to call it a day and then went back to our hotel.

CMY_Mont Saint-Michel_2

The next day morning, I woke up real early hoping to see the beautiful Mont Saint Michel during sunrise. It’s hard but it is definitely worth it! I walked to the place I found the day before, and started to walk towards the island more. Then I found some tiny stream curving around the grassland. 🙂 Used the streams as foreground , and a long exposure to get the shot above. But it is quite windy then, that why the grass are little bit blurry. 😦


Just before I started to leave the place, a huge herd of sheep started arriving at the grassland. Controlled by a clever herding dog, they are start to head towards Mont Saint Michel. I am so exited back then. 😀


I shot a lot that time but personally liked this photo the most. I like how there is only one sheep turn and looked right at me, and the morning sunlight highlighted it from the herd. 😀 Waking up early it’s always fun during trips/vacation.





This ‘sharp’ looking church is part of the hotel we stayed in. The Kirishima royal hotel in Kyushu,Japan. They do provide wedding services here, together with the hotel and banquette area. I saw some wedding photos examples inside their lifts promoting it.


I took a photo of the interiors from outside of the building, since it was locked. I guess the church’s glass window combined with my circular polarizing filter created some unique rainbow effect. I think its something called ‘birefringement’. 😀


I definitely enjoyed the early morning photo session alone. 🙂


Morning stroll around Beppu Hotel Seifu

On our first night we stayed in Seifu Hotel, Beppu. It’s a nice sea facing hotel equipped with a good onsen (hot spring bath). Using the free wi-fi provided there, I found out that we are facing the east, so I quickly find out when is the sunrise time. So i set my alarm on my phone 20 minutes before the sunrise, then I went to bed.
There is a walking path between my hotel and the sea, but another layer of sea barrier is there and I cant seem to get there. 😦 But nevertheless the anticipated sunrise was awesome. 😀 I walked further away from our hotel and found a small harbor.
The weather is just so nice, I liked the autumn weather there so much I wish I can walk around there more, but I can’t, as I need to get back to my hotel before the tour bus leave me behind. 😦

Early morning at LungPan Park (龙磐公园) KenTing 垦丁



Early in the morning, when it’s still dark outside, we ride our rented motorbike out to find a nice place to enjoy a sunrise. It was a very enjoyable ride. After riding for some time, we can see the sky starting to turn blue, the sun is almost out. So we decide to visit the LungPan Park as we saw some motorbikes already parked there.


The park its actually a beautiful cliff looking out towards the see. It was really beautiful place, the weather is also awesome that day although its during a storm season.


As we are all busy taking picture of the sunrise, a wild herd of goat appear, and starting having their breakfast. Now everyone started to take photo of them. 😛


Free wildlife photography chance, with the beautiful sunrise as background. Its really a once in a life time experience. 😀


Someone bought their dog to the park and the dogs are having fun teasing the goat, putting up a show for everyone here. After the beautiful sunrise, dark cloud started to build up and it was drizzling very soon. We felt so lucky to have the chance to enjoy the sunrise in a beautiful landscape. Highly recommended to rent a bike to anyone visiting KenTing. Just ride and explore KenTing, and don’t forget to catch both sunrise and sunset there. 🙂