Month: April 2016

My first Northern Lights Encounter!


This is the first aurora photographs I took during my trip to Sweden and Norway last December. This is some where near Kiruna, Sweden. Kiruna is well snowed for their northern lights , but we worried about the light pollution there thus we found a place close enough for us to drive to Kiruna easily. So for few days we stayed on an Island in a big frozen river, Arctic Island Camp. During our first night there, even though we are very tired, we still went out to try our luck for the auroras. When we reach the frozen river, we saw some green light on the far horizon to our north, we quickly set up our tripod and camera to take a test shot, and we got it. The photographs above is shot with a Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens  at, ISO2000, F2.8 and 25second exposure. We are so happy and exited, we quickly ran out more into the frozen river as our view of the aurora is blocked by the threes on our left.


We arrived at a open area to shoot the northern lights. The sky is very clear that time, its around 5pm then. You can see the Big Dipper  clearly above the long streak of northern lights. Although the northern lights are usually shot with a wide angle lens, I decided to change to a longer lens for it, because its so far away.


The ‘R’, I got this shot with my canon 70-200 f4 L IS , normally it is better to shoot the northern lights with a faster shutter speed for detailed light streaks, but since my lens’s biggest aperture is F4, and my ISO is already at 2500, i still need a 10second exposure for this.


After that, the northern lights grew bigger, and I changed back to my wide angle lens. You can see the Big Dipper on this photo too. 🙂


After almost an our on the frozen river taking photographs, my toes are hurting very badly due do the cold. Big groups of clouds are also coming in blocking the lights. So we decided to call it a day and head back to get warm, but before that, we still did the all-time-cliche with long exposure – Light writings. 😛


Although the pain from my toes are immense, but it is all worth it!



Lofoten’s December


During our visit to the Lofoten Islands last December, it was gloomy weather for the whole three days while we are there. In December, the islands are very quite, we hardly saw any other tourists. Although there are many activity you can’t do during the winter there, I still love the place, it is so beautiful! I just love how the winter turn everything into black and white.


These panoramas are taken around Reine, one of the fishing village there. Reine is one of the bigger towns there, where you can find a patrol stations and some restaurant. (but during our visit there, all the restaurant are not open, and we have to eat at the patrol station most of the time.)


It’s an incredible feeling taking photographs there, especially when its so peaceful and quite.


The best advantage of a self-driving trip is that you can stop whenever you want, not only taking photographs at remote places, but you can also take a bathroom break whenever where-ever. 😛


All these photographs are combination of several images. So they are actually very big, but due to the practicality of this blog i resized them, so it takes less storage capacity and easier to load for the viewers. Viewing the photos at these size don’t do them justice, i will definitely print them out big someday. 😀