Delft, a beautiful town.

Delft located between The Hague and Rotterdam. I visited Delft during my trip to the Netherlands. I was at Amsterdam at first with a couple of friends, then I planned to travel to Rotterdam on my own. I then found out that there is a nice second hand camera shop that recently move to Delft from Rotterdam, thus I decide to visit Delft and it is very convenient for me as you will pass by Delft if you travel to Rotterdam from Amsterdam by train.


The small town is really beautiful, I was planning just to visit the camera shop, but ended up touring the place for the whole afternoon. 😀 I climbed up to the top of the New Church ( Nieuwe Kerk) to have a better look at the place. It was a though climb, I spent maybe 20minute climbing up a narrow spiral staircase with little openings. If I am any size bigger I would be sucked at many part of the tower. But it was totally worth the effort, the view from on top was amazing.



There a market going on there, and I was lucky enough to have tried the famous Dutch delicacy- Raw Hearing sandwich. It is much better then I thought, as it was not a good sight when you see how they cut and prepare the fish. The taste and texture of the fish are bearable if you are a sashimi (japanese raw fish) eater, instead of wasabi the raw hearing was accompanied by diced inions.



I was very happy that i visited the little beautiful town of Delft, and also I have gotten my hand on a couple of vintage camera gear from the nice camera shop there. 😀 if you are anywhere near The Hague or Rotterdam , do visit Delft. 😛



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