Month: July 2015

Iceland. Route 1.


Missing the journey already!


And also missing the red civic we rented. 😛


When the lighting and the subjects are so nice, I can’t stop myself from taking this “advertisement” style photograph. 😀


My first reindeer spotting.



After driving through a heavily foggy mountain, we reached the other side of the mountain where the weather are looking a lot better. Originally we stopped the car after I saw some beautiful light shinning on some farmhouses, but then I realized that there are a herd of reindeers at a distance. I then changed to my longest lens, the 70-200mm f4 L , and starting to walk towards them. Even though I am very far away , they detected me very soon. I then started to crawl towards them while taking photos. They started to move away from me very soon, I wish I am closer to them. 😦


Photo credit to my brother, he took this photo standing up with his iPhone. Now I know why the herd walked away even though I am flat on the ground. Thanks Bro. 😛 Just joking. I am guessing these two photos are taken at same moment or just a fraction of seconds apart form each other. 😀 We are assuming they are wild, what a cool experience to have during my trip to Iceland.

Reynisflara Beach to Swatifoss ,Iceland


The black sand beach, Reynisflara. We visited that beach after we checked in to our guesthouse in Vic. It was a nice beach with unique basalt column and a small but intriguing cave. It was a nice stroll along the beach, at the east end of the beach you can get close to the famous basalt sea stacks.


At the west side of the beach is Dyrhólaey, we didn’t go to there because that it was pretty late then. We only can see it’s silhouette from afar.


After saying a night at Vic we departed towards Skatafell, after few minutes of driving we saw this beautiful cascade of water at the road side and decided to stop and have a look. It was beautiful but not many people notice it, as it is easy to miss from the road. I was glad that we stopped for it. 😀 There is when I realized that I have lost my filter pouch! fortunately my important filters are still on my lens because of my laziness. But my newly bought variable ND filter was lost, gone together with some step up rings and a cheap infrared filter. 😥 Until now I still have no idea when and whereI lost it.


After we reach Skatafell we started our hike to Swatifoss, the most visited sight at the Vatnajokull National Park. There are some part of the hike that are quite steep but the waterfall are well worth the effort. The water flow down from a wall of dark lava columns. The hexagonal rocks at the bottom look like they are mathematically perfect, it’s almost hard to believe it was all made by nature.

Skogafoss, Iceland


Skogafoss is one of the most crowded tourist attraction in Iceland. But theres a reason for it, it is really beautiful and you can personally get up close to the water fall. You can even climbed up from the side and have the view at where the water falls. The water is very so strong during my visit, creating dense water vapors. It was impossible to get a close to get a good clear shot of the waterfall, you and your camera will get wet almost instantly. So I decided to try to take some photograph from a further place.


I then changed to my borrowed canon 70-200 f4  L lens to focus on the water flowing down. It was very cloudy that day, as the initial few photographs had a very flat/dull lighting, I decide to stay in the same position and gamble. I guess it was a win for me, as just before my brother rushed me to get back to the car (worrying of not getting to the hostel in time) the sun hits the waterfall from a opening of the clouds. 😀  Now I wish I can print it huge and hang it in my house. (but don’t have one yet 😥 )

Saljalandfoss, Iceland.



Taking a long exposure photograph on a not-so-stable wooden bridge is hard work, especially when there are loads of tourist walking across it. 😛 But my patience paid off, I got a sharp image after standing there for awhile.

Gullfoss, Iceland

The Golden Waterfall , Gullfoss is a iconic tourist spot for Iceland. It is very significant and powerful waterfall, you can really feel the raw power of nature there. The water plummets into a canyon with walls up to 72 meters tall. If you are lucky enough you can see rainbows created by the mist from crushing waters. Here a link to their official website with 360degree view.


There are no rainbow during my visit, the sun is out but maybe its angle is not able to create rainbows. It is a very big scenic area, you can view the great Gullfoss from different angles, the best part is to walk to the closest part and feel the huge amount of water pouring down.


At Gullfoss I used my (borrowed from uni) canon 70-200 f4  L lens and created one of my favorite photograph from my trip. 🙂 I was amaze by that lens, and now I am really considering to get one, maybe the IS version. This photo was taken on a tripod of course, but the non-is version i borrowed is very hard to get a perfectly sharp image handheld, so most probably I will get myself a 70-200 f4 IS L in the future. 😀

Geysir, Iceland

The first destination after we got our rental car is Geysir. Geysir is a famous tourist spot in Iceland, people around the world would come and witness the mud pits and exploding geysers, and one of them – Strokkur can spouts up to 30meter high.

20150614-IMG_481520150614-IMG_4816 20150614-IMG_4817

The moment before the water and gas got blown into the air! 😀

20150614-IMG_481920150614-IMG_482020150614-IMG_4821 20150614-IMG_4822


Everyone is waiting for that moment with their camera and phone. It is very fun to witness when the water goes BOOOOOM!! into the air. 😀 But don’t stand where the wind is blowing, or else you will get very wet.