Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre


During my visit to Iceland, I spent my first night at Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. It is a unique city, there are a lot of traditional looking shops in the city center but there is this very futuristic looking building there, its their main concert hall- Harpa.


I was there during the sunset, a surprising fact for is that it is actually 11pm that time. :O As a Malaysian, its my first time experiencing sunset at midnight. The timing was great to take photographs of the building. Harpa was designed by a Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects, and they did it in co-operation with a Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. If I am not wrong the design won the 2013 Mies van der Rohe award.


The interior of the building during the sunset was amazing, the low angle of sun-rays created beautiful shadows. I was so glad I was there at that time.


Behind the Harpa, its a small harbor. The cantilever design of the building protrude outwards to have a better view of the harbor.


I was lucky enough to have been there at that time, I knew I will not be able to visit this place anytime soon so I took the opportunity. Even though I was tired that time, I really enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed the architectural photoshoot. 🙂





Mont Saint Michel.


On our way to Mont Saint Michel, we saw these beautiful horses at the road side, we quickly stopped our car and get down to take photographs of them. They saw us coming and started to get closer, they pose for us for a few minute then ran away.

CMY_Mont Saint-Michel


We reach Mont Saint Michel at the evening, the sun is very low then. I can’t wait to see the awesome structure, so right after i drop m bags in the hotel I ran out to scout around our hotel to see whether Mont Saint Michel can be seen there. I found a nice place that have a decent view at the structure, but it’s still very far away.

Mont Saint-Michel

We drove to Mont Saint Michel, but I remembered that I saw some website that we can’t do that. But luckily we didn’t face any trouble driving strait to the main entrance. The small island was always highly fortified since the ancient time, but since the 8th century AD it has been the seat of the monastery from which it drawn it’s name. It definitely reminds me of the Disney Logo. 😛 After sometime shooting in the strong cold wind, we decide to call it a day and then went back to our hotel.

CMY_Mont Saint-Michel_2

The next day morning, I woke up real early hoping to see the beautiful Mont Saint Michel during sunrise. It’s hard but it is definitely worth it! I walked to the place I found the day before, and started to walk towards the island more. Then I found some tiny stream curving around the grassland. 🙂 Used the streams as foreground , and a long exposure to get the shot above. But it is quite windy then, that why the grass are little bit blurry. 😦


Just before I started to leave the place, a huge herd of sheep started arriving at the grassland. Controlled by a clever herding dog, they are start to head towards Mont Saint Michel. I am so exited back then. 😀


I shot a lot that time but personally liked this photo the most. I like how there is only one sheep turn and looked right at me, and the morning sunlight highlighted it from the herd. 😀 Waking up early it’s always fun during trips/vacation.


My visit to Brighton.


Visited Brighton few weeks ago, I went there alone with my camera and a tripod. After looking at the weather forecast, I know I will get one day of rain and the other as a bright sunny day. This photo is taken during the sun set at my second day there, just minutes before I packed my tripod and ran to the bus station for my 6:30 bus heading back to London. I wished I had booked a later bus, as the sky are so beautiful that time. 😦 I might try to print this out for my crit-session next week with my lecturer and course mates. Let’s hope the print will look good. 😀

Going home.

london pana-2


Google maps says that I will be walking 45 Minutes before can reach home, but it took me almost 1 and a half hour. It’s a long way but I actually enjoyed it. Took this panorama shot when I was crossing the Waterloo Bridge, I didn’t had a tripod with me then, luckily the handheld shoots lines up well. 🙂

垦丁白沙 Sunset at KenTing BaiSha Beach


Another highlight of our trip to Taiwan, is this spectacular sunset at the beach. We ride our rented bikes there just in time for the sunset, looking at the map and estimating a nice spot to enjoy the sunset, and we are correct. 🙂


No model, and my friend was busy taking photo himself, so i just use some random tourist as subject. 😦


My friend’s persistence. 🙂


A kid was playing with the wave, running away and chasing them. Took this photo before his father come.


Since I didn’t bring my tripod for this trip, this photo was shot resting my camera on the rough rugged surface of the rock. I quickly took a few shot before the wave try to engulf my camera, luckily i was fast enough to avoid a big splash, even my friend was shocked how close my camera to be eaten by the wave. 😀 But still, as the rocks was super uneven, this shot is a little bit blurred. 😦 sad. Nevertheless the experience was awesome.