Etretat, Normandy, France

etretat 1

After Paris, Me and my friend drove to Etretat. I saw some nice photos of the landscape in Etretat and that is why I chose to go there, but landscape it’s not the only thing that is beautiful there, the small town is full of old buildings, I felt as if I am in some kind of medieval computer game. We went out for a walk after our dinner, and we saw this beautiful old building- the old market hall in Place Foch. The market hall was gated and we can’t get into it, the only thing I manage to do is to take a photo through a hole in the gate. The photo above is the interior of the old market hall, it’s a panoramic done with my Samyang 24mm tilt shift lens. When I am taking this photo, a mysterious cat walked in the market hall and stood in the middle of the walkway staring at us for some time, that’s why even with a 30 seconds exposure time the cat is still visible. When I found out that the cat stud there staring at us for so long, it feels kinda creepy. 😛


One of the beautiful cliffs at Etretat, The falaise d’amont. When I travel I like to go to beautiful natural places compared to big cities. I love begin there, enjoying what mother nature had created. Setting my camera in the extreme wind, with the fear of being washed away by a sudden wave is such fun! Love and enjoy the experience really much. I am thinking of printing this photo out, and mount it on a black board, hope it will look nice. 😀


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