My first reindeer spotting.



After driving through a heavily foggy mountain, we reached the other side of the mountain where the weather are looking a lot better. Originally we stopped the car after I saw some beautiful light shinning on some farmhouses, but then I realized that there are a herd of reindeers at a distance. I then changed to my longest lens, the 70-200mm f4 L , and starting to walk towards them. Even though I am very far away , they detected me very soon. I then started to crawl towards them while taking photos. They started to move away from me very soon, I wish I am closer to them. 😦


Photo credit to my brother, he took this photo standing up with his iPhone. Now I know why the herd walked away even though I am flat on the ground. Thanks Bro. 😛 Just joking. I am guessing these two photos are taken at same moment or just a fraction of seconds apart form each other. 😀 We are assuming they are wild, what a cool experience to have during my trip to Iceland.


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