Geysir, Iceland

The first destination after we got our rental car is Geysir. Geysir is a famous tourist spot in Iceland, people around the world would come and witness the mud pits and exploding geysers, and one of them – Strokkur can spouts up to 30meter high.

20150614-IMG_481520150614-IMG_4816 20150614-IMG_4817

The moment before the water and gas got blown into the air! 😀

20150614-IMG_481920150614-IMG_482020150614-IMG_4821 20150614-IMG_4822


Everyone is waiting for that moment with their camera and phone. It is very fun to witness when the water goes BOOOOOM!! into the air. 😀 But don’t stand where the wind is blowing, or else you will get very wet.


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