Conflict, Time, Photography. Tate Modern.


Few days ago I visited Tate Modern for the first time, it’s actually a class trip with a lecturer. We went for the Conflict, Time, Photography exhibition. Our lecturer provided us with some quotes she printed and also some issue that she want us to think during the exhibition. One of the issue is to choose a photograph that really stands out for us, that has a real ‘punctum’ in it.

The show is about photograph that are war related, and the arrangement/theme of the exhibition is base on the period of time between the actual incident and the time when the photos are taken. This I think is very unique and really liked it.

At first, I have chosen a photograph by Don McCullin, the famous Shell Shocked Soldier. That photo was taken at the battlefield, and the emotion I see from the soldier is very strong. His body posture, his shivery hands holding his gun, and his eyes are just so ’empty’. But towards the end of the exhibition, I was caught by the last huge photograph. Its a photography of a Canadian war monument by Agata Madejska. The tittle of the photo is 25-36, and the photograph is taken 99 years after the war happened. In the photo the monument is isolated from everything around it, and the weather just engulf the monument giving it a blur so nice that it looks like the monument is fading away in front of me. The monument is almost there and not there at the same time. It really intrigued me, so I sat in front of the photo and just enjoy it for some time. Now that I think of the photo, it really portrayed the sense of time towards a war or some significant event, the mist trying to engulf the monument is just like that time is trying to erase our memory. Without the monument, maybe the event had already been forgotten long ago.



This is my photo of Tate Modern, inspired by Agata Madejska’s photo. 😀



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