Another day at 12-Bar


So we went to 12-Bar again since they are having a meeting and Frank Turner will be performing.  There are more people around today, even people playing electric guitar infront of the 12-bar.


A glimpse of the entrance and their barricade.


Saw some people interviewing Dan. Got some photos of them doing that.

soho-9 soho-12

It’s very dark inside, I wonder how the Ipad video copping with it.


People can’t seems to get into the meeting room.


At the back of the bar, there is a meeting, and there are lots of people there, exchanging opinion and thoughts.


After the meeting, Frank Turner showed up and performed standing on a pool table. Because it’s a small venue, even without a mic we can hear him clearly. And he is actually quite awesome. 😀


People are enjoying, some of them found a great ‘high ground’ to enjoy the performance.


Halfway through Frank’s show the place got way too crowded, so I decided to get out of the space to get some fresh air. Then I found something cool is going on in the other room, they are standing up and giving speeches, poetry, and some rapping I think. They are good speakers, in stayed in the room and listen to them for quite some time.



It was getting late so we decided to go home, as we are outside the 12-Bar, the guitarist is still playing. As we are taking photos of him from across the street, he asked us to not to be shy and go nearer.


Hes name is Shane i think, hope I am not wrong. Great guy, and I like the way that hes enjoying himself playing and creating some melody with the guitar. 😀



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