Venturing London around the National Portrait Gallery with Wendy, after checking out the gallery for one of our mini assignment we went out for a photo-walk around that area.


The day was gloomy and it is very cold, everything outside seems to be dull today. So we went to have a Thai lunch to spice things up. 😀


After lunch, we started walking around Soho area. As we are walking, Wendy realized this weirdly looking shop and went to see whats up. As we are getting nearer to the shop we are approached by one of the guys there- Dan. He came up to us to say hi and then starting to tell us whats happening there.


Dan had something to do and Mordecai (in photos above) came up and continued the story. Basically they are standing up against big developers, that are profit-centric and are trying to destroy a place with great culture and history. Do check this check out this article about them and the situation.

After telling us whats going on, Mordecai invited us into the building to have a look, and they allowed us to take some photos while we are inside.


london-14 london-15 london-16 london-17 london-18 london-20


It is very dark inside, they don’t have proper electricity and water supply. As they say we can help by bringing some food or water for them next time. They seems to be a bunch of friendly people, so if anyone interested do check them out on twitter ( #SaveSoho, #Bohemians4Soho, #SaveDenmarkStreet, #SaveTinPanAlley ) or you can watch some of thier videos here.

It was a great experience for us, maybe we will go there again. 😀


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