Aso Farm Village.


Aso Farm Village is consisting of 450 dome-shaped guest rooms on the site of rich nature of green. It is the accommodations in the Nature which overlook an outer rim of volcanic crater of Aso, and can enjoy seasonal beauty. It is like mysterious village atmosphere which there are brook and pond, the brick bridge and the promenade of the native rock. The round room without the corner lets a heart soften and heals a tired body.

We stayed there for one night after visiting Mt. Aso. It is a unique experience staying there but due to it’s huge land area, you will need to carry all your luggage and walk for quite a long journey if you get the room far away from the entrance.

I woke up early in the morning, it is a very cold and foggy morning. I walked around for quite some time before I found this small lake/pond, so I climbed over the short fence illegally so get down there. I then quickly set up my tripod and start to take photos. Lucky enough, no one saw what I did. 😀


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