Kumamoto Castle


For a place packed with tourist, I will always use a neutral density filter. I can get a 30 seconds shutter time, but with that long of a shutter time, people wont avoid your camera, since they don’t know that you are taking photos. I got a few shot of the castle without any people in the frame, but I like this one more, it sort of added some dimensions into my photo. πŸ˜€


This is also the same situation, but unlike them standing there just to hang around, they are standing there to take their own photos. That old couple near to the center of the photo is actually taking a selfie. πŸ˜€ Kumamoto castle is a beautiful place to visit, but do remember it is a very touristy place to visit.



  1. Interesting! I never thought about taking long-exposure pictures of sights but I will definitely try that now. It’s nice how those slightly transparent people add perspective without stealing the show.

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