This is not a photo of Mt.Aso, this is a photo of the public toilet outside the cable car station that takes you up to the crater. I like their design, but they are not very practical, since each small hut houses only one toilet, and not all of them are functioning. šŸ˜€





This is the Mt.Aso volcano. We are not allowed get up to the crater due to the activeness of the volcano on that day. So as a replacement, our tour guide brought us to a volcano museum nearby. šŸ˜¦



The view from the second floor of the museum is actually quite good. Had a good panoramic view of the mountain ranges around the volcano. I didn’t even bothered to watch the video about the volcano they are showing, as I know I don’t have much time there before we are rushed to another location.


Luckily we are giving some time to walk around that area and do some souvenir shopping. I was kinda rushing around wanting to capture nice photos around that area.


When the horses’s ‘shift’ ended, they are happily going around and one of them are rolling on the ground, taking a mud bath maybe? šŸ˜€


It was a great experience visitng Mt.Aso, although we didn’t get the chance to get right up to the crater, but nevertheless we enjoyed the nice weather and scenery. šŸ˜€








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