Awesome weather at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.


The weather is so awesome that day, I was so busy taking photos, I didn’t even listen to what our tour guide is explaining. But now I did some research on my own. 🙂


Among the hundreds of Tenmangu Shrines throughout Japan, Dazaifu’s is the most important one alongside Kyoto’s Kitano Tenmangu. Tenmangu Shrines are dedicated to the spirit of Sugawara Michizane, a scholar and politician of the Heian Period. Because of his great learning, Michizane has been associated with Tenjin, a Shinto deity of education, and is popular among students.


I love the big old trees there, they are well taken care of. 🙂



In Japan you will need to purify your hands and mouth at the “temizuya” water pavilion before you go into the shrine to pray. It’s good manners to follow the local customs.


The place is so packed with local and tourist from other country, I can hear lots of different languages there.




Even the surrounding buildings/area are very well taken care of.


After walking around the shrine, you can go outside and there are many souvenir shop there. It’s quite a good area to walk around, there are many small food stalls too.


There are many cute little things to buy there, Japanese love cats and i find these cats very cute. 🙂


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