From Asahi beer factory to RoboSquare. Fukuoka


So we visited the Asahi beer factory in Fukuoka, Japan, to start of our tour in Kyushu, Japan. They didn’t allow us to take picture inside the factory. 😦


Taken some photo of the surrounding area while walking back to our bus. Great weather, it’s autumn in Japan now, it’s supposed to rain a lot but we are lucky enough to get bright sunny days.


Took a couple of photo on my way to the RoboSquare, it’s a small science center about robots.


TNC Tv Building, where RoboSquare is located inside on the second floor.



A robot dance show had just started when we arrived. There is a group of disabled children there enjoying the show.


The show is quickly over, and the RoboSquare is so small that I finish touring around in a few minutes, so I went around to take photos. 🙂


TNC Tv Building with the Fukuoka Tower on it’s left. According to our tour guide, the multi-awarded design of the tower successfully ensure the stability of the tower against typhoon and earthquake.



The glass facade of the TNC Tv Building was reflecting nice pattern on the ground. So i waited there for some random people to walk pass that area to get the shot i wanted. 🙂


Before we hop on the bus, I saw this eagle flying around the city, I quickly change to my telephoto lens to get a shot of it, then i realize it is still holding its lunch. 😀



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