Floating market , Bangkok, Thailand.


I visited Bangkok with my family couple months ago, during  our short trip there, we visited a floating market. We ride on a long boat to get to the market area. The boat is very narrow and long, when I try to turn around and take a photo of the boatman, he quickly stop me as I am making the boat imbalanced, so I took this photo without even turning around. 🙂


IMGP1440 IMGP1435 IMGP1455


It’s a good experience visiting the floating market. They live a very different way of life, selling almost everything on their boats. We bought some nice little banana pan cakes from one of the boat vendors, and it’s really tasty. 🙂



They will fetch us to a bigger survivor center after the tour. For us to rest and have some free time walking around the market before they bring us back to the bus.


When we are heading back to our bus, we walked pass an old lady begging for some money. I didn’t stopped to take picture of her, just take photo of her without raising my camera. I was so sad after i realizing that she was out of focus. 😦


This is their local public bus, it’s a cute little bus. The bus is clean and well maintained, I will want to ride on one someday. 🙂


We saw a small police hut when we are waiting for our bus. The policeman was busy reading on some document.He didn’t even bother to look at me when I was there taking photos, I took a few of photo there trying around with composition.




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