Early morning at LungPan Park (龙磐公园) KenTing 垦丁



Early in the morning, when it’s still dark outside, we ride our rented motorbike out to find a nice place to enjoy a sunrise. It was a very enjoyable ride. After riding for some time, we can see the sky starting to turn blue, the sun is almost out. So we decide to visit the LungPan Park as we saw some motorbikes already parked there.


The park its actually a beautiful cliff looking out towards the see. It was really beautiful place, the weather is also awesome that day although its during a storm season.


As we are all busy taking picture of the sunrise, a wild herd of goat appear, and starting having their breakfast. Now everyone started to take photo of them. 😛


Free wildlife photography chance, with the beautiful sunrise as background. Its really a once in a life time experience. 😀


Someone bought their dog to the park and the dogs are having fun teasing the goat, putting up a show for everyone here. After the beautiful sunrise, dark cloud started to build up and it was drizzling very soon. We felt so lucky to have the chance to enjoy the sunrise in a beautiful landscape. Highly recommended to rent a bike to anyone visiting KenTing. Just ride and explore KenTing, and don’t forget to catch both sunrise and sunset there. 🙂





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