TamSui Old street and Waterfront


We went there for the sunset, but that day it was too cloudy to see a low sun setting. The water front area is actually quite big, and many locals and tourist will visit that area during the sun set.


This bog was just wondering around us, but when he realized I am trying to take picture of him, he started to do this. 😦


After walking around the water front area we went to the Tam Sui Old Street, it’s very similar to other shopping/night market street in Taiwan. We bought an expensive fried octopus that cost us 100 New Taiwan dollar. We find it too expensive for that small of a portion, but it tasted really good. 🙂  We didn’t go to one of the famous tourist attraction there- the TamSui Fishierman Wharf, as we are planning to go to ShiLin Night market next.


    1. Thank you katieprior, actually i was just trying to get the reflection of the sky from the puddle, but then suddenly i realize the moment the girls are taking a selfie, so i quickly snapped this shot. 🙂

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