JiuFen Taiwan



Jiu Fen old is a mountain area near RuiFang district of New Taipei City. Jiu Fen Old street is the main attraction there. The place is super crowded when we arrive there, and our hotel are at the end of the old street, so we had to carry our big backpacks and camera bag and try our best to squeeze through the small street.



The scenery there is nice, and you can find the best view in some of the hotel/restaurant there, but their food is not that nice and quite pricey, but for the view and experience is very well worth the try.


At the end of the street is where our hotel is, it’s a little bit of a hassle to get there, but it’s much quieter. 🙂 There is this nice kinda big coffee shop at the end of the street, we wanted to go there at night but we didn’t have the chance, as we went back too late. 😦


When to try their famous but not so delicious taro balls. While queuing for it, we are standing beside a weird shop, it seems like it’s a cat theme art/literature shop, and the door were covered by little notes filled with words describing JiuFen and lots of cat symbol on them.  :O


Found some quiet spot for us to take some photos, I didn’t took much photo of the street as it was too crowded to even stop.



I didn’t bring my tripod for this trip, usually i wont go anywhere without my tripod but this time I just want to travel lighter. Luckily the hand rail are big and flat. 🙂 But its still a challenge for me to keep my camera strait/flat, as I’m using my new camera strap, the Capture Pro camera clip by Peak Design. The camera clip need a tripod plate for easy and sturdy clip on and clip of motion, and the down side is that it make it harder when you don’t have a tripod with you and trying to improvise. 😦


At night, every shop at the street will be close after nine, so we need to get out to the main road where the 7-11 is to get our dinner. We bought some beer and nice heated meals. As we are going back to our hotel, we came across this viewing deck, and we decided to just sit on the floor and have our dinner. The street its very quiet at night, nothing much is going, just some local shop owner chatting on the deck. We sat there, had our beer slowly and just enjoying the peacefulness and the nice scenery at JiuFen Old street. 🙂



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