First night in Taiwan.


After arriving in Tao Yuan airport, we took the public bus from the airport to Taipei Railway station, then took the Metro to Xi Men as Xi Men is where our hotel is located. The day has just gone dark after we are settled down, so we decide to walk around exploring the famous Xi Men Ding nearby.


One of the most looked forward thing to do in Taiwan is to try all their street food. The people there love to eat braised food, they braise everything. pigs intestine, chicken feet, duck tongue, tofu, and many more choices.


We visited a nice Chinese temple there, surrounded by modern shop-houses and buildings, we are quite surprised that we can find such beautiful temple there.


After a couple of hour walking around, we decided to stop for a drink. We found this small bistro coffee/pub place near the Xi Men red house. I tried their local Lychee Beer, kinda like it, but just a little bit too sweet. šŸ™‚ After the drink we are well beaten by all the travelling, so we headed back to our hotel.




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