Last night in Vietnam.


Our last night in Vietnam, we visited a night market in Hanoi, very near to the old quarter. After a quick glance at all of the stalls in the night market, it started to rain. We decided to head back to the hotel for a rest and wait for the rain to stop.



The rains stopped around an hour later, we went back to the night market but found out that most of the stalls already packed up their goods. Maybe they thought it was going to rain whole night long. So we just stroll around the street near the old quarter.






It was a great journey visiting Vietnam without doing any ‘homework’ be fore coming. We bought our ticket at the last minute since it was cheap and take off without knowing what we are going to get, and I can tell you, that’s what makes this trip so awesome! 😀 Vietnam really is a very back-packers-friendly country, you will have no problem finding place to stay, you will have no problem meeting new people that love to travel. Just be too greedy on any too-good-to-be-true deals people offers you on the street. 😛




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