Strolling around Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi


The famous lake in Ha Noi, Koan Kiem Lake. It’s a good walk around the lake, you see many locals hanging around the lake resting, chatting and some having some sort of small family gathering. One of my favorite photo was the one above. After struggling to find a nice angle to shoot the famous Turtle Tower that’s on the middle of the lake, i came across these two local Vietnamese taking a nap, quickly took this shot as fast and quiet as possible.


viet_hanoi-7 viet_hanoi-5

The trees are very beautiful, how they bowed down toward the lake thus providing shade for us.


There are some ancient structure there, it’s a tiny tower, not sure what it was meant for in the old days. Used the arch of the small tower for composition. 🙂


The Bridge of the Raising Sun, linking us to the Temple of the Jade Mountain on an island near the northern shore of the lake.


After walking around the lake we sat at the road side, resting. Then many cyclo driver approaches and asking whether we need a ride. This is a cyclo rider waiting for customer. I was behind some thrown out bed frame I think. haha 😛




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