Rainy evening in Hoi An


On our second day there, the weather is not that good, it started to rain. I’m well prepared after all July is the start of their season in Vietnam. I brought my weather resistant kit lens (SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5 -5.6 AL WR) with me. The only reason why i bought the lens with my Pentax K-5iis is the WR benefit, although i had other lens that cover the same focal length as this lens, non of them are weather resistant. Since my Pentax K-5iis is a weather resistant camera body it would be a waste if I don’t have a WR lens to go with it when i need a weather resistant camera set up.


Shooting other people trying to stay dry while I had nothing to worry. 🙂

viet_day4_-8 viet_day4_-11

Famous Vietnamese lantern.


Visited a Chinese temple on the old street, a very crowed place since it’s raining outside and everyone tries to take cover and also visit the temple, found a quite back alley in the temple, framing my shot just waiting for people to pass by. I was worry that a group of people will come but luckily this young gentleman came first.



On the night market street, the vendors quickly set up some kind of tarpaulin for their customer making themselves wet.


At the end of the night market street, is a dock. And the kids are playing around, jumping in and out of the water. After they see me photographing them, they stop doing it and starting to leave, luckily i got this shot before they stopped. 🙂



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