Long Son Pagoda, Nha Trang, Vietnam.


We went to visit and pay our respect to the big Buddha in Nha Trang. It’s a bright sunny day, looking up towards the big buddha statue makes me feel so small, it’s as if he is in control of everything.


Parts of the temple are under restoration. It’s so hot the worker even built himself a shade before starting the delicate work on the carvings.


We met this very friendly monk in the temple, she invited us for lunch inside their hall. We didn’t join them for lunch as we just finished ours. But what I did was to ask her permission to take a photo of her, she said yes and after i took this photo i showed to her, and she smiled. 🙂




When we are walking up the stairs to the big buddha statue, we saw many vendors, selling fan and some small souvenir.



Took a picture of a little girl, she was begging me for money, i gave her some after she followed me for some time, and then i  took her photo. 🙂 It was a good experience visiting the Long Son temple, it’s a very spiritual and harmonious  place to visit.





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