We got scammed!


Second day in Ho Chi Minh City. We decide to visit a few tourist attractions before we get on our sleepers bus in the evening.

viet_day2_-2 viet_day2_-3

As we are walking towards our 1st destination, the Ben Than Market, we are approached by a cyclo rider. He offered us to bring us to where we wanted for 15dong, in Vietnam, people always speak money without the thousands , so normally 15 dong means 15000 dong. So we thought it was fair so I decided to hop on the cyclo. After reaching the market, the rider advised us to go to the other market since the market i was going was dangerous with pick pockets and the price of buying anything will be higher. So he offered to bring us to another market- the HongKong market, with the same price. We listened to him and got on his cyclo again.


We went through chaotic traffic, saw many interesting road side vendors.


Finally after around 30 minute, we reached the market he told us. We asked about the price after we got down the cyclo. Then he say 15 hundred thousand dong. That is 1.5 million dong(75 USD) per person. We are shocked and realized that we have been scammed. We argued with them at the road side, a lot of locals were looking at us as if they are knew why we are arguing. After long negotiation, we gave them 1 million for both of us and walked away. 😦




Angry and thirsty after arguing with those cyclo rider, we went into the market looking for place to rest and to have a drink. 😦



Luckily we found a cheap way to head back to the market we first wanted to go, motorbikes taxi. That cost us 50000 dong (2.5 usd) to get back. So 3 person on a bike, rushing through chaotic traffic, back to the Ben Than Market.



Ben Than Market was much more tourist friendly, and offer much more variety compared to the HongKong market. I bought my favorite Vietnam flag shirt. 🙂 After some shopping we start to walk around the city, heading to nearest tourist attraction near the market.




At last we visited Notre Dame Cathedral there. Many tourist were posing and taking photos around the cathedral, so I asked my friend to pose for me, 😉 I found a nice background and simply asked him to walked across it, and get this shot. its such a cliche. 😛




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