Rushing is not the way to go.


After knowing a photography contest held by the PAM (Malaysia institute of architects), I rushed back from Singapore, as the contest’s rule is that you can only take photos in Malaysia. The theme for the contest is “people make community,community make city” , and it’s part of the world class sustainable cities 2014 conference. klroam-6

I have 3 more days left before closing date for submission. For the first day, i spent time walking around Johor Bahru city, searching for inspiration on what to shoot. But nothing really hit me, so i decided that i should go to Kuala Lumpur to give it a try. So by the next day morning i took a bus to Kuala Lumpur. I was joined by a friend who also likes to take photographs. We then roam around the famous Petaling Street.


We are rushing around shooting, we walk around without planning and without any idea of what we wanted.


Didn’t get anything close to the theme, so we sat down for a rest and had a drink. I had an idea of roof top farming ran through my mind and then I quickly googled roof top farming in Kuala lumpur. I fund out that a company do practice roof top farming, they grow their own vegetables on their roof. So my friend called to ask whether we can go and take some photos. The answer is yes, we quickly head there.


The farm was a lot smaller then what we had in mind, and most of the vegetables were harvested recently. There is not much good we can get from it. But it was a really cool experience, they planted many kind of vegetable, and also have a fish pond. The company who is doing this is OrganicCityFarm, they offer their customers supplies of organic food, information and equipment.klroam-3

So after a day of rushing around taking photos, I haven get anything good. Was tired, frustrated and disappointed. We called it a day after visiting the roof top farm. I left one more day in KL, I needed to head back to JB to submit photos to the contest before the closing date. 😦 Rushing around and get nothing much. 😥


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