FishEye-ing Singapore.

bugeyes interior

Originally plan to stay in Singapore more a longer period of time, but I decided to come back to Johor Bahru to take photo. So I spent only one day in Singapore walking around MRT stations, shopping complex and underground outlets. The photo above is a combination of four same photos. It’s an interior shot upwards of three escalators.


You need to be very careful with fish eye lens, as they overly distort everything. This means that it will amplified any tilting. I spent more time watching out at the corners of the frame. But never the less, fish eye lens is a very fun lens, 180 degree of view is just awesome.


Deeply regretted for bringing my heavy tripod around with me. After long hours of walking, I felt like throwing it aside. 😦 should have just brought my ‘beginner tripod’ that comes with buying my first camera.

sgjuly-7 sgjuly-5 sgjuly-4 sgjuly-1


This lens had won me an award from the MBJB photo contest and I enjoyed shooting with a fish eye lens, apparently I borrowed this Pentax SMC DA 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED[IF] Fisheye lens from a friend of me. Will have to return to him soon. 😥




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