Johor Bahru City Council Photography contest.


Last week, I found out a photography competition organized by the Johor Bahru city council (MBJB). Unfortunately I found it 3 days before the closing date, so deducting the last day for printing and submitting in the required form, I only have 2 days left to shoot around Johor Bahru, my hometown.


So for one day, I spent some time taking picture of Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque. My intention was to wait for the sunset, so I went there a couple of hours before it. Was walking around looking for angles, trying to find a nice composition for my sunset+building shot, but as I was surprised to see how nice the light is hitting the building at that moment. I quickly grab some shot, and sat down waiting for the sunset. Luckily i came a bit earlier, if not i will have missed out the nice lighting situation before sunset.


This is the building our City Square(dataran bandaraya). Went there also at a evening. Those are the three photos I submitted for the contest. The contest has two kategory, one is the open category where you can submit  photos you taken any time, it just has to follow the theme stated-JohorBahru in my heart. The other category is where you only can submit photos taken during their event.


So for the second category, I submitted this photo. And this photo won me the 3rd price, which is Rm400 + Certificate. Additionally i also got invited to the royal banquette diner with the Sultan of my state. 🙂 such honor. I was informed that I also won a consolation price in the open category, but they don’t allow a person to win more than one prices. 😦

From participating in this event/contest, I’m much motivated to shoot more good and creative photos. So next, I’ll go to Singapore and do some traveling and taking on some personal photographic assignment. 😀


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