Orang Asli Village, Belum Lake


On our last day on the lake, we visited the Orang Asli Village (aboriginal people village). Our trip members bought some goodies for the kids there, our guide help us to hand out the treats to the kids there. At the village you can only see young children and elderly people, I’m guessing those young people went out of the jungle to work.


They are very happy to receive such treats from us, this only make me feel more sorry for them, as Belum lake is a man-made lake from construction of  a dam. The water must have flooded many orang asli villages, a huge part of the forest was flooded and what it’s left for them is just small patches of hilly land for them to live and survive in. Jut imagine, how much they have lost.


Some photos of the Orang Asli kids ( aboriginal children)




Young girl taking care of her younger sibling.


They live in a very poor condition, they already lost their homeland, now just hope that the tourism there will benefits them. 🙂



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