BoatHouse on Belum Lake. 2


Woke up early on the “mother ship” looking forward for a beautiful sunrise, but didn’t get what I’ve hope for. 😥  It was so cloudy i can’t even find where the sun is. So I took some photos and get back to sleep mode on the couch waiting for others to wake up.


Luckily the day clear up quite quickly, after our breakfast we headed to another “parking” spot for our “mother ship” . Then we left with the speed boats to a waterfall hiking entrance. Took the photo sitting at the tip of the houseboat, I felt so nice sitting there, alone, with a spectacular view and moving forward, its almost like i m flying.


We hike along the waterfall upwards. We are wearing our live-jackets as we will be swimming around the waterfall.


The water around the waterfall is packed with fishes, and at freezing temperature, but that doesn’t stop us from going in. 😀


There are many balanced rock formation around the water.


I brought my tripod along with em all the time, but this tie i didn’t use it. Since the place is shaded, and the water falling are very fast, I just lean my camera against a tree to this not-so-long exposure shot. But I did regret not using my tripod, at least try a longer exposure. 😦



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