BoatHouse on Belum Lake.


During my last trip to Belum with my uncle, we stayed on a boat house for 2 nights. Located in Gerik and covering 15,200 hectares, Belum Lake is the largest man-made lake in Perak. There are quite some activity to do there, like jungle tracking to water falls, kayaking around the boathouse. But overall this boat house experience is very relaxing.


Our mother boat house towing her kids. 😀 We can kayak and take speed boat out to fish. The “mother ship” will normally park at somewhere and we will ride the speedboats to entrance of hiking trail.


Butterflies are everywhere. They landed on my hand when i was trying to take photo of them, so I was also shooting them with only one hand, holding the camera. It was very challenging as the depth of field from such close focusing is very narrow, and shooting with one hand is not very stable. After some struggling with focus on the right spot, keeping my hand steady, and working out the composition of the two butterflies on my hand, I get the shot above, and I was quite happy with it. 😀


My first time meeting with a Rafflesia plant. Apparently there are more then one type of refflesia and this type is among the smaller species, and they don’t stink as well.


According to our guide, rafflesia need 3 and a half year to bloom from their bud form, and only for seven days, they will turn black slowly and start fermenting by the last couple of days.


After our rafflesia hike, it’s water activity time, then fishing time before diner. I went with the other speedboat, it started to rain when we are fishing so we headed back to the “mother ship”, while the other speed boat continue fishing after the rain. After diner there are pretty much nothing else to do but snacking and chatting among ourselves. Oh ya, and also staring at hundreds of insects flying around the light bulb too. 🙂



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