SukaSuka Lake Retreat, Lenggong


On the first day of my trip with my uncle and cousin, we spent our night in Suka Suka homestay. This homestay is quite remote and hard to find, there are no signboard at all. We were led to this place by one of my uncle’s friend. The photo above is shot next day before we left, early in the morning, i almost overslept for this. 😀



This is the main building of the homestay, it’s actually the kitchen and area for us to have our meals and to chat around. This is shot in the late evening. I shot this handheld because a friend of my is using my tripod and I am so hungry, i was kinda rushing into the building to have my diner. 😛  Luckily ISO3200 for my Pentax is still very much usable. 😀


After diner we start chatting, and as the day gets darker, many insects are attracted my the light indoor. I sport this lovely moth on the wall, I was just trying my luck on moving him onto my hand, it success and it kinda liked it. So I change  to my macro lens single handedly. I bought my macro lens, but i left my flash at home as we are expecting some hiking during the trip. So with no flash, and working around with only one hand, I worked out this shot, a silhouette of the moth by aiming a distanced light bulb at it back, and trust me, taking this shot single handed is not easy at all, spent quite some time on it.




  1. I am thinking of staying for 2 nights in this retreat in August…however I am scared of cockroches…did you see any? Myriam

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