Mt. TaiShan


Since we are already in TaiAn, A visit to Mt. TaiShan 泰山 is definitely a must.The leader of the ‘Five Sacred Mountains’, Mt. Tai is located in the center of Shandong Province, lying across the cities of Tai An, Ji Nan and Zi Bo. Since both my parent had been on top of Mt.TaiShan, me and my siblings went in the early morning while they can rest more in the hotel. But once we reach the bottom of the mountain, we felt very disappointed and sad as we saw the heavy fog covering everything.


We took the easiest way up, by bus and cable car, it’s the most expensive way up also. We chose not to climb up by foot is to save time since we want to cover Mt. TaiShan in the morning, and rejoin our parent for lunch. The photo above was taken during the cable car ride, you can see the fog just eats away everything just slightly further.


Was taking photo using my wide angle lens until I saw this two people are sitting on a rock far away, then I changed to my telephoto lens to take this shot, the place where they are is very dangerous, they climbed out of the safety barrier to go there. But it seems so nice to be there. 😛


This is how they went back. 😯 😯 , I guess they know Chinese martial art. 😀


Because of the heave fog we can’t really see much scenery of the nice mountain ranges, I tried to take photo of people there doing their offering to the gods.


Particularly I likes this old man, maybe he is just resting, but i felt very emotional when he was looking at a photo him with of all his old buddies that were there on Mt. TaiShan.


After we finish walking to almost every part of Mt. Tai, we went down the same way we came up. Join up with up and checking out with our parent, we went to have lunch together. After that we spent 6 long hours on the car, driving to Yan Tai 烟台, where my brother is currently staying. We ended our day with some touring around the city after our diner.





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