Qufu Confucius Temple


After a morning walk in the ancient town of TaiErZhuang we started our journey to QuFu 曲阜, where Confucius Temple is located.



QuFu, Shandong, is the hometown of Confucius. And QuFu is where you can visit his house, grave and his temple. We don’t have much time to cover everything, so under my brother’s advice he went to see his temple, the Confucius Temple.


The temple is very big, altogether there are 466 rooms and 54 gateways covering an area of 218,000 square meters. The original temple is not that big, a lot of it was extended later on by a few different dynasty’s kings. 


A shot of the architectural detail. After numbers of centuries, the structure is still standing strong even most of the old trees in the courtyard needed to be cable-reinforced. In the temple, i was using my kit lens to take most of the photo, i realized that my kit lens, Pentax DA 18-55 F3.5-5.6 AL WR always produce picture with slightly washed out colors even with my hood on 24/7 and a good and clean UV filter, hmmm, need to do more testing while I’m back at Malaysia.


As me and my sister were ear-dropping information from the tour guide higher by other tourist explaining about the temple, I saw this old couple walking into the temple, and i quickly frame it nicely and waited for the moment this moment, was not disappointed by the result. I like this shot a lot, hope you guys like it also. 😀

After finishing out tour in the temple and a ice-scream break, we continued our journey heading towards Tai An. Thats where Mt. Tai , 泰山, is located. 🙂 We reached Tai An, had our dinner, did some shopping and before heading back to our hotel, we had tea in KFC, yes KFC, as they serve milk tea. 🙂 Something we Malaysian love, milk tea, our Teh.




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