who I am and why I’m here


This is me, a young Malaysian guy who is in love with photography. I just started blogging recently, have many more things to learn about blogging. I started blogging since I have made my decision of trying to become a photographer, hence I want to share with the world my journey and learn from other people out there.  I’m in love it the craft, I want to meet more friends that are sharing my passion for it.

macro mingyang

I started photography concentrating with macros of beautiful creature. This is the photo i took long time ago(2 years ago 😛 ), and this is the culprit why I’m in love with taking close up of nature. But since then, as I venture into more and more kinds of photography, i realized i just love them all. 🙂


I love to travel, so I will also blog about my trips. When I travel, I will bring everything i can carry with me (my camera & gear), I will even trek with my bags and tripods. I don’t want to miss anything, and I don’t want to miss anything special that I can do with my gear and the scene. By blogging on how I take a specific shot during my trip, I wish to share the information I know, and maybe if anyone got a better way of doing it will share the info to me. 🙂

bali mingyangchai

I would love to know more people like me (hopefully there is), sharing different experience of life, photography and travel.



      1. At least you are more successful in using your talents and set of skills to earn your living, i’m just trying to do that now. hehe

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