Tai’erzhuang Ancient Town in China’s Shandong

taierzhuang-7TaiErZhuang Ancient Town. Tai’erzhuang Ancient Town, located in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, is surrounded by water and has some classical bridges, an old water transport system, wetland parks, temples, museums, and the architecture of a bygone era. It is also the site of the Battle of Tai’erzhuang, an important victory during the Anti-Japanese War.

On the third day of our trip, after checking out from our QinDao Hotel we start our long journey setting our goal to reach TaiErZhuang (台儿庄 ) by today. So after around 3 of driving we reach a small town LinYi 临沂 for a lunch break. After our lunch we continue our journey to TaiErZhuang. We took around 2 hours to reach there, and after we settle with our hotels and stuff, it’s already evening. The golden hour to take photo! So I ruched outside to take some shots just before it gets dark.taierzhuang-2Our hotel courtyard. 🙂 So as i say i rushed out to take photo right after I put my bags inside my room.taierzhuang-3

The old city gate, there is quite a number of tourist wondering around this gate taking photos. So i used my newst kit in my camera bag to shoot this, a ND400 filter, cutting around 10 stop of light going into my camera. The result is that it allows me to shoot long exposure even in bright daylight, thus the moving people will just disappear. And i took many other shot with that filter. 🙂



taierzhuang-6Another reason I was rushing myself to shoot is that I’m scared of the lights china likes to use for their scenic area at night. They always use overly colorful LED lighting to spoil the mood.

taierzhuang-9But luckily TaiErZhuang didn’t follow the footstep of other scenic area, it’s night lighting is actually quite good. (at least this part of the town 😛 )


After walking around with my family, we decide to chill out in a bar/restaurant in the ancient town. Ordered a surprisingly up to standards pizza, and some fruit juice and ice-cream. 🙂


Just before I reached out hotel in the ancient town, I was demonstrating how double exposure works for my sister. I simply took some shot using very high ISO, end up with a nice composition. I started to gear up using tripod to take a better shot, it was not that easy, I was kneeling for a long time, as I’m not so familiar at using double exposure with my camera moreover changing the setting between long exposure for the building and the settings for shoot the moon. Spent quite some time to take this shot, but nonetheless it’s totally worth the experience. After spending so much time on one phot i headed back to sleep in my not-so-ancient-hotel. 😛






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