QingDao, China, Lao Shan BeiJiuShui


Second day of my trip, we went to LaoShan BeiJiuShui (Mt. LaoShan) 崂山北九水. As LaoShan is so big, there is many more other scenic area. BeiJiuShui is just one of them. BeiJiuShui Scenic Spot is located at the north of Mount Laoshan’s main peak, and around the upstream and middle reaches zones of the Baisha River. Since it’s dry seasons, many tourist climbed on the rocks for a picnic, even when there are signboards around warning them not to do so.


BeiJiuShui is very big, from the site map, we estimated a 6km walk to see everything. Luckily it’s cold, if not I’ll be sweating a lot.


It was very dry when we went there, there is not much water in the rivers and ponds there. Most of the trees are also still in their winder state, without leaves. I guess our timing was off for this scenic area. But in China, every scenic area is packed with tourist, even if it’s not the peak seasons.


Luckily there are still some beautiful cherry blossom blooming. There are also small pavilion along the path for you to rest.


Found this colorful spot, I quickly change to my longer lens to frame the shot, since it’s quite far way.


We didn’t finish the whole 6km, as we realized there were nothing much ahead, or maybe we are just fed up of the bad timing that we are there, everything just look so dull… 😦


Next stop QingDao ZhongShan ParkIMGP0713

This park is famous for their cherry blossom,  we went there just in time to see it, but time is not on our side as we have merely 30 minutes to spend there, as we already did a diner reservation at a restaurant.



Trying to take something different differently. 🙂 After rushing around the park, we went to China gong she for our dinner. After our dinner, we went for a walk, but it’s too cold for my family so we quickly went back to our hotel 😯 😯





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