QingDao, China, Walk around.


So I went to China to visit my brother with my family last week. We arrived there in the early morning, so we had to find our breakfast. While my family members are deciding what to eat I took this photo, I composed and was anticipating the cyclist to get into the space between the trees, but I guess I press the shutter just a little too fast…


My brother rented a car with driver for us. Took this photo inside the car, as you can see the window glass is not that clean, but yet I kinda like the texture it created.



Checking in to our hotel, need to leave our luggage somewhere before we start our sightseeing.


So we went to Ba Da Guan (The Eight Great Passes) 青岛八大关, Ba Da Guan is made up of eight streets that are named after the eight great military forts of the ancient times. It was originally a residential area for the Germans during the time when QingDao was a German protectorate. That area is located beside a stretch of sandy beach.






Inside an old Russian villa that was build in the 1932, the villa is one of the main attraction site there, I was pretty lucky to get the second shot, since the villa was packed with tourist. So the third shot I used random tourist to compose, hehe 😉


In Ba Da Guan each street is lined with a single species of tree and many street names are colloquially known by the trees.


After walking around tourist packed Ba Da Guan we went to a local wet market. This shop was selling many kinds of seafood, ranging from fresh oyster to dried fish( those hanged high up to prevent the getting wet).


I was wondering around in a back alley waiting for my parents to buy some fruits from the market, I was trying to take a photo of the old cobbler, but I can’t seems to get what I want until this guy walks in. 🙂



Next we are going to Little Qingdao Isle ( 小青岛 ).


There is a lighthouse on Little Qingdao, but its under-maintenance.  The place is a great area for a walk, surrounded by the sea and you can have a great view of the Hui Lan Ge Pavilion, but sadly the originally Hui Lan Ge pavilion was destroyed by strong waves in the recent years, it is still under construction of rebuilding it, sadly Hui Lan Ge was where we are heading to after visiting Small Qingdao Isle. 


Next stop, PiChai Yuan (Firewood court) 劈柴院, is a old street now filled with street food stall and tourist. It’s so hard to move inside the narrow street imagine stopping to buy something to eat. But I love the atmosphere there. Tried some street food like barbecue fish balls, and some steamed dumplings.

IMGP0511 IMGP0503

There are a lot of food that I haven’t seen before, like the steamed pineapple fruit rice thing.. 😯 and barbecue starfishes 😯 😯


PiChai Yuan is just too packed for a family to have their dinner together, so after trying just a few street food we headed to a restaurant nearby to have our diner.

After a long day of traveling, sight seeing, trying to find each other in PiChaiYuan , we headed back to our hotel to rest.






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