It’s not that easy.



After some discussion and planning with my friends, now we are teaming up to create a food blog.

So today we went to Char Grill Bar, Bukit Indah. My friend were gathering information from the managers and cook, while I’m struggling to take some decent shots for them. By the time all the dishes that needed to shoot came, I was still struggling with getting the first dish done. My first time doing something like this, I’m getting really nervous, I keep telling myself I can do this, I can find the angle,the light the placement. It is very hard to get a nice shot, but in the end i think i got what we went there for (hopefully 🙂 )

I’ve looked through thousand and thousand of awesome food photos online and not seeing the hard work the photographer put on it. Now i know, it’s not that easy.

Today i felt like I’m a total phony, but that feeling only pushed me more to get that shot i want.



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