My first try.



Finally I summoned my courage to do something like this. After thinking of what to do for my life, finally i have decided to to start out as a freelance photographer since I’m so in love with photography.


So I went to a new and trendy restaurant near my place, BigFood , Nong Chik heights.


Ordered a chicken chop, and i start taking photo of the surrounding, and just after few shots my meal had arrived, it is fast.


After that, before i leave, i talk to them, told them my intention, that is I’m just starting as a photographer, and i need to build up my portfolio, i can help them to shoot their food and place for free. 🙂 They asked for my name card, i that moment i realize I don’t have my own name card and i should have one. So I write them my contact number and i left.




This is my first step, really hope they will contact me and i can shoot for them. 🙂 wish me luck guys.









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